Makeup is a part of our daily life. Now it has become a part of not only women’s but men’s daily lifestyle too. A good foundation or serum, a reliable lipstick and mascara is the most natural and easy no-makeup makeup look. What most of us fail to realize is that the best makeup items must offer great coverage but also be gentle to our skin. Budget is also an important factor considering how expensive the prices usually get. So if you are wondering what would suit your skin type and accentuate your features within a reasonable price, you need not look further! Here, in this guide, you will find only the best foundation, mascara and lipstick that you can also carry on your person. The public has approved their use and they are the bestselling, most-used items on everyone’s tongue.

Here are the top 3 everyday makeup items that everyone in the UAE must have.

1- Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Liquid Foundation by Fenty Beauty

Fenty Beauty has clearly distinguished itself from its competitors as the best makeup line present. Not only is it inclusive to every skin color, but gives the most gorgeous coverage that lasts you the entire day. Available in mini and normal sized bottles, the formula of this foundation is suitable to all skin types. The soft-matte finish lasts you the entire day and actively fights against sweat. Your pores will be hidden by this item. No wonder most women prefer their foundations from Fenty. If the price puts you off, use the Sephora Coupon code to get this at an insanely cheap rate!

2- ILIA Limitless Lash Lengthening Clean Mascara

A reliable mascara is what we all need. Mascaras usually are a tricky business and most of us usually stick to our trusted wands. Some prefer voluminizing and some lengthening. This is a lengthening wand that will last you all day. Moreover, it is cruelty-free and vegan. The shea butter and keratin formula nourishes the lashes while providing them with great hold. The packaging is also recyclable which makes this the best environmentally-friendly mascara yet. Allure awarded this mascara as Clean Beauty so rest assured that no ingredients that could be harmful to you were put in it. Don’t miss out on this ophthalmologist-tested mascara, brought to you at a very low price!

3- Yves Saint Laurent’s Candy Glaze Lip Gloss Stick

This gloss is available in multiple colors – twelve separate shades that give a glorious high-shine finish. This not only feels hydrating but is deeply nourishing for your lips because of its hyaluronic acid infused formula. More than that, there are mango oils and vitamin E also in the formula to make it a hydrating and moisture-locking substance for you. This gloss can also double as a balm if you apply a lighter coat and lasts you the entire day as well. The fragrance is very subtle and bearable so don not worry about that factor. So do not wait around too long for this high-quality gloss available on a greatly discounted price for a limited amount of time.